Just because your page currently has a #1 Organic Ranking doesn’t mean it’s indefinite. For the most important search phrases for your content, maintaining and updating your pages is important.

There’s a reason for this.

First, Google ‘crawls’ websites and looks for the most up-to-date content to show to its users. If your page hasn’t been updated in five years, it likely is not at the top of the search results. There are millions of search results vying for the #1 position (or even better if they can grab Position Zero). So making sure that your content is current and actively being crawled by Google’s bots helps keep the relevancy up.

Things to consider updating on your pages:
1. Add or update your alt text.
2. Add or update your meta data.
3. Add new content to a well-performing page.
4. Improve your C2A (Call to Action).